united by love

About Grace


Grace Toulotte

When I was looking for a way to brand myself without using my first and last name, the phrase “united by love” resonated with me due to something my mom has always said, “even when we are apart, we are united by love.” It has stuck ever since, as I believe that many of our problems would be solved if we only chose love.

I approach design challenges with optimism, empathy, and humility. I am a driven, self-taught designer with a hunger for knowledge. Problem solving keeps me up at night. For me, good design can change the world. 

My career as a designer has led me to work in tech, fashion, higher education, and most recently, theatre. While I search for my next adventure, I am currently accepting freelance work. Please contact me through the Contact form on my website or by emailing unitedbylovedesign@gmail.com.





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